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Fans of the international cult hit COHERENCE are familiar with the highly unconventional approach to the making of the film. James Ward Byrkit joins Patton Oswalt in conversation about the nature of "extremely independent" filmmaking and their shared appreciation of obscure science fiction.

From making a feature in five days without a script or crew to creating an entire television series during the pandemic, Byrkit has taken the harder, more gratifying road of self-producing his visions. This session dives into the gory details of rogue filmmaking without a net, and the unlikely story of how Oswalt and Byrkit teamed up on the very first days of “Shatter Belt” where sandstorms, COVID, and revoltingly gross shooting locations threatened the show from the moment the cameras started to roll.

Patton Oswalt and Jim Byrkit talk filmmaking
Sunday March 12 at 4:00
Austin Convention Center Room 12AB

World Premiere Episodes 2-4!

Stateside Theater March 14th at 11 am!
You can buy individual tickets for this screening -- without buying a badge for the entire festival!

Come join director Jim Byrkit, Patton Oswalt, Dale E. Turner, JJ Nolan and several other cast members for this special screening.  Stay and meet the filmmakers and share your thoughts.

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